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Real Forex Trading RESULTS with REAL PROOF...

Welcome to the proof page - we have all types of proof here for you to see EXACTLY what kind of Pips are being made with Honest Forex Signals... Enjoy!


Running Pip Total (2018): +8,216 Pips

Total Pips for 2017: +8,879 Pips

Total Pips for 2016: +9,321 Pips

Example @ Only 1 Standard Contracts ($10 a Pip):   $244,150.00 USD

*Percentage /Pip Gains are completely variable as our members trade all different lot sizes based on their own aggressive or conservative money/risk management strategy.

IMPORTANT: HonestForexSignals.com launched officially in January 2011 and has made thousands of NET PROFIT PIPS since. In late August 2011, we changed head trader. Please note that the various statements on this page reflect trading since the beginning of the service, and others reflect CURRENT trading systems. The most recent SmartTradeFX statements are the newest. If you have any questions, remember we're just a phone call away and we're almost more then happy to provide prospects with additional proof, etc. Also - you may contact SmartTradeFX directly to verify the authenticity of any statement with their name on it. We stand by our results! ADDITIONALLY - Robbie has worked on other projects as well including indicators you may see online, they may or may not appear with his name on them. But they are HIS intellectual property. He uses both MANUAL and AUTOMATIC trading methodology for HFS trades. If you have ANY questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. THANK YOU! :-)

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2013-2015 Mix of Robbie's Verified Trade Logs.

Forex Verified

Over 680 Pips in less then a Month!!!


Some of Robbie's Trading shown here, 100% Broker Verified... Click Here...



MyFXBook account with ALL trading (All 15,000 Pips) suspended due to CFTC U.S. Broker laws (No American clients at foreign brokers) therefore not allowing HFS (American Company) to have an account with SmartTradeFX or FinFX. All pips verified by SmartTradeFX however. We will be posting a NEW MyFXBook once it has a few months of trading in mid-2013. :-)


brooker proof


NEW!  USDCAD Scalping method --- An extra 100+ Pips almost every month the last year, specially found method from Robbie's trading partner... INCLUDED with HFS MEMBERSHIP.


Robbie's Results To September 19, 2011!


Robbie Newton's first month trading with Honest Forex Signals!


Log-In Information to SEE Robbie's Trades LIVE on MT4...

Download MetaTrader4 using the link above and then connect to our VIEW ONLY (Investor Access) account where Robbie will be sending all his trades via the Trade Copier so prospective members can see the PROOF in REAL-TIME from a reputable broker. Once again, we put our money where our mouth is!


Account No: Coming Soon

Password: Coming Soon


Server: Demo (Results Account ONLY for Results Page - Trading Micros... Not representative of what can be made obviously... )

Pre-August 2011 HFS RESULTS from Former Trader, Raj:



small prev


Log-In Information to SEE Trade Issued by Raj (Former HFS Trader) via MetaTrader4

Download MetaTrader4 using the link above and then connect to our VIEW ONLY (Investor Access) account where Raj will be sending all his trades via PAMM so prospective members can see the PROOF in REAL-TIME from a reputable broker. Once again, we put our money where our mouth is!


Account No: 802992

Password: HonestFxSignals

Alpari Russia

Server: Alpari-NDD-Live

SEPTEMBER UPDATE: Please note this account may go offline soon as we are no longer working with this trader. Thank you.


And now... FULL screenshot from MT4 from one of Raj's MANAGED accounts...Keep in mind Raj strives to make his clients who manages $100K+ at least 20% a month. Most hedge funds cannot achieve this! However, if you prefer (as most Forex traders do) to be more aggressive, you can EASILY make more then that per month with these type of results!)

Preview 2

Preview 3


Confused How to Read the MetaTrader 4 Statement?

The PRICES are the Take & Close Price, then TIMES the # of Contracts = $ Profit Amount. See below then view the FULL Record.

BUY ON EURUSD @ 1.3476 to 1.3511= 35 PIPS.

@ 2 Standard Contracts, = Over $700 PROFIT!


January 2011 Statement

February 2011 Statement

March 2011 Statement

April 2011 Statement

May 2011 Statement

May 2011 Statement


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We don't need to put any boring sales copy on our website... Our proof and clear commitment to our members shows you what we're all about!


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