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Get 50% a MONTH Commission from a FOREX Signal Service that REALLY WORKS so Members KEEP PAYING EVERY MONTH!

Why sell a Forex robot for 50% commission
(and typically around $50) then have HALF of your
hard-earned sales REFUNDED!? is a legitimate Forex Signals service with EMAIL Signals and AUTOMATIC TRADE COPIER (EA) with a 500-1,000 Pip a Month Professional Trader.

** That's right... NOT ANOTHER ROBOT or Binary Scam! **

As an affiliate, you will find our affiliate program is FAR more lucrative then any you have EVER seen. With a 50% commission of $177/month, you earn almost $100 EVERY SINGLE MONTH per member! Additionally, we provide prospective buyers REAL PROOF our trader makes money before they spend a dime. This includes lives investor password, and videos of our trader showing ALL of his live trades in his MT4 account. This is all 100% authentic.

In our marketing, about 1/3-4 users who came in our capture page PAID for the service ($177), and ALL of them are still members! We give members our PHONE NUMBER and Skype ID so we HELP members actually become successful.... How many other Forex services do that?

You do not want to miss out on this.... Your marketing efforts will make you affiliate payments for MONTHS to YEARS! Not just 1 payment then you're hunting for the next program to promote...

We look forward to working with you and showing you what real FX affiliate income is all about!


STEP 1: Sign up for the ClickBetter Affiliate Program (

STEP 2: Tell ClickBetter how you want to be paid in the Payments area for your Commissions. ($$$)

STEP 3: Enter your Affiliate ID where "XXXXX" appears to use as your Unique Affiliate URL to send prospective members to:

STEP 4: Promote the link

Promote this link via Email, Blogs, Banners Ads, and however you wish!
Anyone who clicks it will have a cookie placed on their browser to track them to YOU whenever they may purchase the product.
The cookie remains for 6 months to ensure your 50% cut is credited when they decide to join the service!


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Membership to sells for $177 a month. Your commission is 50% for the first month and EVERY MONTH after. There are NOT any up-sells as we prefer to build a long-term relationship with members rather then keep selling them multiple products.

Durings our marketing, we find that we retain the vast majority of our members because of the SUPPORT and RESULTS we provide. 

Prepare to experience VERY HIGH retention rate with a product that actually works and KEEPS MAKING YOU MONEY months to years ahead from no further marketing efforts!! Why keep selling a new robot every month?


Prepare for HUGE conversions with this information all over our website for our members to get in-touch with us!


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