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Okay... If you don't see the potential with HONEST FOREX SIGNALS by now, then you must either already be a hugely successful Forex trader, or have ZERO ambition to be one!

We started this service in January 2011 (Wow! 7 years goes fast) and it is unlike ANYTHING else being offered in the Forex industry. If you are sick of failing in the Forex market, giving your money to scammers, and just plain NOT getting the results you want... YOU NEED THIS.

Additionally, this won't be the same price forever. Right now, Robbie is trying to build a RELATIONSHIP with members by offering the club at a very fair price to everyone. In the future, this will be a closed door club as we can't have 10,000 people using the same trade copier software, on the same brokers!

If you Miss Out on This Opportunity, I KNOW you Will Regret it Forever...


Robbie's Satisfaction Guarantee

"I am extremely confident in my trading and am willing to "put my money where my mouth is". If you cannot make money using my Trade Copier Software (MT4 EA) we will give you EVERY PENNY BACK of your purchase! This is not some robot or bogus signal service only SOME will profit with and the rest of folks simply fail because it's too hard. This is honestly NOT very difficult. We do the work for you! As long as you DO give some effort into setting things up and monitoring your trading, we will HELP YOU become the profitable trader you can be! If not, just contact us for a refund!"


So How Much?

$2,000? $1,000? $500? Nope.

For the VERY fair price of $177 a month you get access to the Email/SMS Signals, and Trade Copier Software. There are NO additional charges and members also get unlimited support from and all of us (and Robbie if needed of course!) This price is INSANE and will likely increase. Most genuine Forex websites charge their members a "start up cost" in the thousands. We understand that our members will come from a very diverse background and therefore we want this to be available to as many traders as possible!

  I’ve given you the facts. I’ve done just about all I can to tell you what this service  is all about. All you need to do now is simply Click the Order Button below and sign up to get your membership for just $177 a month....

IMPORTANT - After your payment is processed, you'll be taken to our ForexPrivateClub.com Members area. It's important you create your username and password there, then you'll receive an activation email in less than an hour to activate your membership!...

Please note: HFS membership price will be increasing after in late-2018 due to VERY high recent demand after the Swiss Franc moves... All members joining now however WILL be locked in at the current price ($177) Thank you! :-)

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Best Regards,

Robbie Newton, Robert Pang, Ken Dempsey, and the HFS Team
Dedicated to Quality Trading.



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