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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of these questions are answered throughout the website, however we want to be as transparent as possible so all members know exactly what this is all about. Please be sure to read this page thoroughly prior to contacting us as most questions are answered here. Thank you.


Who is Robbie Newton?

In his own words...

"I have been trading Forex for several years now and originally began as a stock trader over 15 years ago. My background is in real estate development and various other investments. I first took a look at Forex in the early 2000s and was hooked on it from the beginning. I managed to turn a £5,000 account into over £46,000 trading very aggressively aggressively in only about a year and a half.

After my other ventures began failing, I decided to focus on Forex exclusively and I am loving every minute of it!! Trading is great for me because it gives me time with my wife and a way to live financially free. I look forward to trading with you here at Honest Forex Signals!!"


What EXACT services are provided to members?

We provide Robbie's trades via the trade copier and email signals. Everyday, when Robbie trades, his trades are automatically sent from the trade copier to your MetaTrader4 platform to be executed on your account with your consent after setting it up to do so. Additionally, all the trades can be sent to you via email if you wish so you can be notified the exact moment a trade has been placed!


Are there UPSELLS after one is already a paid member?

NO! The service is $177 a month for all of the services and unlimited support. We do not believe in being dishonest with our loyal membership base.


Can a Forex newbie do this?

Absolutely. As long as you are not so lazy you cannot spend 20 minutes installing basic software onto a trading platform, you can do this! Even if you have no experience whatsoever with the MetaTrader4 Forex software, we have tech support which can remotely control your computer and handle the installation for you. Easy right?

How many Pips a month can one expect Robbie to average?

Robbie has been averaging 500-1,000+ Pips CONSISTENTLY and can typically achieve 500 pips a month in winning months regardless of any strange market condition. However, if you take a look at Barclays Hedge, Forex Peace Army, or MyFXBook (which all track traders) you will see that EVERY SINGLE TRADER has losing months... It is simply unheard of to not... Please also keep in mind that past results are not indicative of future results and we cannot promise/guarantee anything per CFTC laws...


What is the average Stop-Loss? Are there Draw-downs?

Robbie generally trades very conservatively when a trade is not looking to be positive and gets out of that trade and moves on to the next. As the expression goes, "Don't chase the bus, wait for the next one."


Is training included?

In the members area, we will have a growing number of video tutorials and PDF manuals created by Robbie. Additionally, the webinar rooms will be full of educational value in between live trade calls.


Are there any "free bonuses"?

Are you joking? Anyone offering to sell you some product then give you "bonus ebooks" is probably no good. This is a legitimate service funneling you quality, profitable trades. You don't want rubbish ebooks and robots! :-)


Why do Ken, Robert, and their team represent the club instead of Robbie directly?

Professional traders do not have the time to run trading clubs, hedge funds, etc. They trade. Any site claiming to be a "one-man band" is likely not an actual professional, successful trader.


What Broker does one have to trade with?

We strongly recommend you use a major legitimate Forex brokerage. We have a particular recommendation in the members area we STRONGLY recommend for the best commission prices. And yes, they offer MetaTrader4. ALSO, you must use this broker to receive the Gold trades. However, it is totally fine to not and you will still receive all the Forex trades! :-)


Is membership available Worldwide?

Yes. If you have the internet, can speak basic English, can follow simple directions, and have the ambition to make money trading… You CAN do this.


What is the income potential?

Huge. If you have a clue about the Forex market, you know that even 20 pips a day CONSISTENTLY is enough to make thousands!


What pairs does Robbie trade?

Robbie trades the FX Major pairs (such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD) and will occasionally also take an exotic pair or a Gold trade as well.


How accessible is support if I need someone to talk to?

You may contact us anytime via phone, SMS, Skype, or email. We have nothing to hide from unlike most Forex services.


How big of a starting balance does it take trade Forex with Robbie?

Because the Forex market allows one to trade Micro lots, you can theoretically start trading with $250USD. But truthfully, your starting bankroll is really totally up to you as we have no idea what your financial situation may be...Just remember, you will NOT turn $1,000 into $1,000,000 trading Forex! If that was the case, Bill Gates would be a TRILLIONAIRE by now! ;-)


Is is safe to use my credit card on this website? Can I use PayPal?

Yes and yes. All transactions are processed securely via our website. We can also accept wire transfers and checks via U.S. mail or private courier.


Does Robbie ever take vacations / long breaks from trading?

No, Robbie is very committed to his trading and if he were to take a break we have other traders who would be able to take over for a temporary period of time.


How long will this opportunity be around for?

Unlike most services that say “only 5 left” – Robbie does plan on doing this for many years to come. After all, why wouldn’t he? However, the price will likely increase to more then the current $177 a month as this is a true bargain for these type of profits being made...So we do recommend you do not procrastinate and start trading with us today!


Where is the private members access area?

www.ForexPrivateClub.com  (Password protected)






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